• The Women of Mayo Clinic: The Founding Generation

    The story of how the Mayo brothers and their father established an internationally renowned medical center in the middle of the prairies of Minnesota is well known, but few people know the stories of the women who contributed to its founding and success.

    “The Women of Mayo Clinic” traces the early days of the Mayo Clinic from the perspectives of more than forty women—including physicians, nurses, librarians, social workers, mothers, sisters, and wives who were instrumental in the development of the medical center. This book reveals their stunning untold stories.

    This book is now available at your favorite bookstore or online from Minnesota Historical Society Press.

  • On Deployment Now

    This blog describes my experience on deployment to COB Speicher n Iraq with the American Red Cross Services to Armed Forces (SAF) from October 2007 to March 2008. The inspiration for the name of this blog is the old WWII song “We’re in the Army Now.” I remember my father, who served in the Army in the late 1950’s, singing the first lines of this song around the house when I was a child.

    Browse my stories here.

  • “Finding Ourselves in Empty Places”

    “Finding Ourselves in Empty Places” is an unpublished collection of essays documenting the journey my daughter and I took when we moved from Duluth, Minnesota to Lincoln, Nebraska to Rochester, Minnesota after my husband died of leukemia. One of the essays “The Natural and Unnatural of Marion Township” won the 2008 Paul Gruchow Essay Contest. For additional information on this manuscript, please contact me.